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Understanding Your Eating

Introductory group coming to Bristol in September 2018!

Are you using food to manage your life?

The Understanding your Eating Programme is designed for people who are aware that their overeating is driven by emotions rather than by hunger.

The Programme does not tell you what to eat or how much. We think you know that already. Instead it helps you to explore whether you are eating to deal with your feelings.

If you are comfort eating, this programme teaches you a different way of getting through the day.

The program has been developed from research carried out by Julia Buckroyd, Emeritus Professor of Counselling of the University of Hertfordshire and Honorary Fellow of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

The programme does not offer dieting, exercise advice, or products. It is based on the assumption that the vast majority of those who are overweight, or suffer from disordered eating, know what it is that they should be doing. The problem lies in doing it, and in continuing to do it in the future.

The conclusion is that very many of us are soothing ourselves with food on a daily basis. Our culture provides us with more food than we know what to do with, and we have found out how to use it to comfort ourselves. Unfortunately that "comfort" turns out not to be so comforting after all, if we use it too much. We can put on too much weight, which creates problems, both physical, and in terms of self-esteem.

Want to feel better about yourself?

The Understanding your Eating Programme is based on current research. It aims to help you think about how you use food, so that you can be better placed to choose how you use food in the future.. You will learn to have much better ways of managing your feelings, and will be less tempted to use food to comfort yourself. You will become more confident, with better self esteem and a better body image. You will find that food becomes much less of an anxiety and no longer dominates your thinking.

Doing this course has the potential to change your life.

Shelley Treacher is a licensed practitioner of the Understanding your Eating programme, developed by Julia Buckroyd. For more information see:


5 week introductory course coming to Bristol in September 2018!

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The Introduction to the Understanding Your Eating Programme consists of a series of five seminars usually conducted weekly and lasting one and a half hours. The seminars have the following titles:

Seminar 1 Eating is not just about hunger!

Seminar 2 Eating to manage feelings

Seminar 3 Self esteem and how it helps you look after yourself better

Seminar 4 Improving body esteem

Seminar 5 Using people instead of food to get you through the day

The second part of the Programme consists of nine free standing modules, each consisting of four seminars, usually conducted weekly and lasting one and a half hours (one hour online).

Module 1 Emotional Eating

Module 2 Feelings

Module 3 Motivation and Empowerment for Change

Module 4 Food monitoring and choice

Module 5 Activity

Module 6 Self Nurture

Module 7 Relationships

Module 8 Self Esteem

Module 9 Body Esteem

You can do both parts of the Programme in a group.

An Introduction group has no more than 12 people; the further modules have no more than 8. Each group is psycho-educational and confidential. If you would rather not be in a group you can do the Programme one-to-one.



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