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My articles

How to avoid neediness or codependency

how to deal with feelings of neediness or codependent urges by Shelley Treacher Counselling Psychotherapy




Body Centred Psychotherapists, Centres and reading

Thomas Hanna defined somatics as "...the field of study dealing with somatic phenomena, i.e., the human being as experienced by himself (or herself) from the inside." He defined soma as the body experienced from within.


California Institute of Integral Studies
(I graduated from here)

Don Hanlon Johnson

Judyth Weaver

Tina Stromsted

Kathleen Dunbar

Stanley Keleman

Foundation for Human Enrichment

Hakomi Institute

Senserimotor Psychotherapy Institute

European Association of Body Psychotherapy



Other health services

Terry Davey - Male Body Psychotherapist in Bristol



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Counselling Directory

Counselling Directory



Bristol Online

Bristol-online : Bristol's biggest directory


Coming soon: BACP seeking a Therapist website


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