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Body centred psychotherapy & trauma counselling

Body centred psychotherapy particularly leads the field in its approach to healing those who have suffered from trauma.

The idea that the traumatic experience can be bled out over years of psychological therapy is outdated.

Body centered psychotherapeutic interventions provide information as to how a traumatic experience is physiologically patterned, and help to access biological resources to undo these patterns.

At the time of the trauma, the perceptual experiences of that trauma (sensation, affect, behaviour, image) are stored in the body and the part of the brain that is dedicated to perception.

One language of the primitive (the unconscious) part of the brain is sensation.

Sensations, and our creative abilities to heal, may be blocked by the use of medication/ drugs, control, denial, or invalidation of feelings and sensations. This, particularly, in a culture that values strength, achievement and endurance.

In body centered psychotherapy, the psychotherapist may not necessarily be asking you to tell your story, or to recreate your emotional responses. The psychotherapist may follow your current sensational experience of the trauma. Images, memories, affect and behaviour patterns are also followed, as languages of the unconscious. And, importantly, your strengths and resources. The psychotherapist will expand and focus on your resource, often.

This is a very gentle, but powerful, approach. This approach supports your natural defenses, rather than attempting to break them down. There is room for you to talk if this is what you need.

Always the aim here is to help you towards a nourishing and corrective experience.

Trauma counselling psychotherapy testimonials

“Thanks for helping me to make better friends with my body.”
- Karen, 6th/ final session.

“Because of this I am able to manage my anger better, by being objective.”
- Kelly, 16th session.

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